Custom Web Design and Web Development Services

Website Promotion and S.E.O.

Maintaining a great experience in web development and web promotion technologies since 2000, our company is specialized in Search Engine Optimization services developing targeted campaigns to hundreds of well-known and satisfied customers.


We firstly make a project analysis based on the current situation of your website. At this stage, our aim is to keep any already existing S.E.O benefits while we are concurrently looking for mistakes in structure and content manipulation. Then we write down our specific proposal taking into account each separate unit of your website. We also inform you about the expected advantages of each action. Then we simply apply these actions. In case we have not developed your website, we consult your developer regarding the way our changes should take effect and we keep in constant cooperation with you especially during the first few months as the Search engine bots re-evaluate your website. We also keep you informed with useful graphs and statistics referring to popular search terms and key-phrases. You will also have access to commonly used tools such as Google Webmaster’s Tools.


Google and other major Search Engines follow the famous Greek proverb: “Tell me your friend and I will tell you who you truly are”. Each backlink to your website means a vote for you in order to achieve the highest ranking possible. Apart from the quality of your backlinks (the friendly websites who will put your link in their content) we also care about the quantity of them and the exact way these links are propagating. We always avoid actions which may be considered as SPAM by search engine mechanisms.

Here is a brief description of our off-website Services:

Manual Directory Submission. We submit your website in the right way to quality free Web Site Directories. We furthermore watch the submission process to confirm your actual submission. In this service we also suggest paid submission in privately owned websites when necessary.

Backlinks from our Co-operating websites. During our 12 years of web presence, we have built a great network of cooperating websites which submit links of our customers in the appropriate way, for the appropriate time (1 year or above). Websites include portals, vortals, communities, blogs, commercial presentations, scientific websites and others. We guarantee that your website will acquire all the backlinks required for the highest ranking possible.

Press Releases, extended content and Article Links Submission. We select some of our cooperating websites (including free article submission websites) to publish some custom content about your website. This content will be provided by our Philology expert in cooperation with our S.E.O. expert. The website selection will be according to your specific needs.

Social Bookmarks. We try to take the most out of social bookmarking process while trying at the same time to ensure the high reputation of your web presence.

Google analytics reporting & management. We constantly examining all the available data in order for you to make the most out of our web promotion campaigns. We periodically send you manual reports and graphs to ensure you are fully aware of your ongoing service we provide you.

Super-targeted backlinks. We ensure you will get super-targeted backlinks. For instance, if you own a Software development Website, we will establish connections with some technological forums and blogs. Super-targeted backlinking is highly appreciated by all major search-engine crawlers. Please note that paid submissions are only made upon your approval.


We will step-by-step observe the search engine bots and crawlers' behavior and we will act accordingly ensuring permanent results.

Backlinks maintenance. As time goes by we make sure that backlinks are renewed and cooperation with webmasters are active. We also check for new cooperations with websites meeting our requirements.

Reporting & management. We constantly use for you all the necessary tools for analysis and reporting such us Google Webmasters Tools and Google Analytics. Furthermore we always check Google Insights and Google Trends in order for us to discover new perspectives for our clients.

Technical Support. During our cooperation, we will always be available for improvements and adjustments to your online campaign. This includes technical support to your technical staff regarding your website’s future changes or updates. For instance, if you decide to change your layout or your template, we will be here to consult you accordingly.

Content Management for e-promotion/S.E.O. purpose. During our cooperation, we will always be available for providing you with custom texts (press releases, articles, newsletters etc.) taking into account your search engine rankings and your web reputation.