Custom Web Design and Web Development Services

Web hosting and Technical Support

We maintain our own server network cooperating with trustworthy datacenters globally. We could provide you a wide variety of web hosting plans, always according to your specific needs. Our main managed web hosting services include small virtual accounts, managed big vps accounts, managed dedicated servers and managed dedicated clusters. In some cases, when estimated traffic is extremely high, we use to serve your website through our Content Delivery Network.

Our steady, long-term collaboration with trustworthy Datacenters all around the world ensures our customers the maximum availability of our services with the utmost security, speed and reliability. 

Our Hosting Providers are: 

- Iomart Hosting Ltd, Glasgow, Scotland 
- BlueSquare Datacenter, Berkshire, England 
- Leaseweb, Netherlands
- Leaseweb, Manassas USA

In compliance with Service Level Agreements of immediate response on level 24/7/365 and multiple monitoring systems, we guarantee the highest possible uptime. Our customers' needs are always defined after taking into account the current and the expected demands of each website.