Custom Web Design and Web Development Services

What do you actually need to draw a website template?

Many would say that you actually need an html/css editor (let's say Dreamweaver), a tool to draw graphics (let's say Photoshop), some sample content (placeholder) and some browser to test it. Some would also add the necessity of a really nice picture. But we really miss the most essential point.

Psychology of our website's target group is the most essential part of the web design procedure. Let me explain the right way a web designer should approach his client: Firstly the web professional should ask him five questions:

1) What are the main categories of your products or services?
2) What is your target group? Wholesale, retail, local, international?
3) Have you completed any advertising campaigns till today? Do you have any up-to-date material i should take into account (brochures, logos, corporate identity etc.)?
4) What is your current relationship with internet and technology in general?
5) What do you expect from your future online activity?

If i manage to obtain some true answers to these questions, i could really start designing a custom template for my client.

Through the first question i could understand the material i should use to graphically enhance my template. The second question gives me useful information about the complexity and general profile of my layout. Third question helps me to come close to current company's profile and become aware of all the previous work that has been done in this field (this doesn't mean that i am going to copy or steal some other's work. I am just interested in past creative ideas). Fourth question tells me how my client is going to affect my work. If my client has nothing to do with internet or technology, then my responsibility will be really great because i will also have to provide some basic consulting service. Finally, fifth question tells me how seriously my client is confronting his online business.

Try to have these questions answered and you'll see that web design will become an easier and more effective work for all. Every company is unique, every client has different needs. Even if two customers offer the same products or services, they usually target to a slightly or heavily different target group.

Writer: Panagiotis Perros 
(Hyper Center, Managing Director, MSc, PhD in Ethics, University of Athens, Greece)