Custom Web Design and Web Development Services

How we work


We begin our cooperation with you by receiving and analyzing your project's requirements. The only thing you should do for this initial estimate is to fill out our "free estimate form" here. In case you do not have enough time filling out this form, you could always start an online chat session with one of our sales' representatives. Then we will ask you all the necessary things in order for you to receive your estimate.

The estimate you are going to receive is a document containing and confirming all the requirements we have discussed during our initial contact. This document will also include a specific time of completion and a specific cost appraisal. Then you are free to choose to start your cooperation with us or not. 

After agreement, we design for you a custom, non-functional demo of your website. We are going to visually depict the website's concept. At this stage, we do not actually care about content (data) or functionality. We only care to graphically design the user's interface according to your needs and expectations. We will upload the draft online, in a private url, so you could safely access it and send us your comments. This draft will be in an image format and you will be able to access it through a web browser (as you normally browse a website). In the (rare) case you will not be satisfied with the website's draft, we are going to re-design it from scratch for you. 

Then we are ready to start "cutting" our template. We pay close attention to html/css output and we carefully use Ajax technology ensuring the maximum level of cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility and accessibility.

After delivering the static website's template, we start the procedure of making things work. This is the most essential part of web development. We develop the back-end (i.e. Content Management System - CMS) of your website and the functional user's interface as well. Our web development services include PHP programming language and MySql database. During the web development process we keep you informed about the overall progress and we ask for your feedback when necessary.

When the web development phase is complete, we are ready to test the whole website and discover possible bugs and drawbacks. Our beta testers will use your website as administrators and simple users and they will send us their feedback. After correcting possible errors, we will send you access to your website to test it yourself. Then we are going to train you and send you instructions where necessary. We are not going to mark the project as "completed" and payable without ensuring that you are ready to use it.

Then we upload your website in our managed network in our cooperating datacenters. We choose the datacenter according to your website's locational target. Our fully managed dedicated servers are constantly updated with the latest software versions. Uptime and security is very critical for us. In case of high traffic websites we can also develop a Content Delivery Network ensuring the highest levels of performance.

After uploading your website we are ready to start the web promotion procedure. Then you will be prompted to discuss all the available web marketing options with our Web Promotion department. 

Feel free to fill out our "free estimate form" here. and we will get back to you sending you all the necessary information needed to begin our cooperation.