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The big Accessibility misunderstanding issue. My Grandma, vs the W3C Consortium!

W3C consortium wrongfully uses the "accessibility" term to promote its (often useful) online services. W3C actually confuses accessility with compatibility. It is necessary for us to follow commonly accepted html/css guidelines when developing a website. But we shall not confuse terms like "source code validity", or "cross browser compatibility" with the "Accessibility" one.

What do you actually need to draw a website template?

Many would say that you actually need an html/css editor (let's say Dreamweaver), a tool to draw graphics (let's say Photoshop), some sample content (placeholder) and some browser to test it. Some would also add the necessity of a really nice picture. But we really miss the most essential point.

What about S.E.O. frauds?

There are many swindlers called "web marketers" or just "advertisers" who are using my published portfolio to search for victims. This is not something that makes me harm because i use to train my customers regarding the way search engines rank their results and the way crawler's so-called democracy works (google loves the term "democracy" describing googlebot's methodology). But every rule has his exceptions as we say in Greece...